L'accompagnement du Studio

Do you wish you could undertake in the impact world? Eclosion will guide you on your journey, from your idea to its emergence.

We provide operational guidance to entrepreneurs for their ideas to transform into a business with a strong impact. The guidance starts from the very beginning of the journey, during the exploratory phases where you "crack" the topics, and lasts during all of the start-up creating process.


The idea

Une banque de projets évolutive, nourrie par l'observation quotidienne du terrain et la veille internationale.


The prototype

Elaboration of decisive solutions to which we apply economic, replicable, and efficient methods.


The start

An accompanied operational take-off to foster rapid growth (mentoring, financing, pooling services).


The hatching

A wholesome and viable company, solidly anchored in the impact values, takes flight towards a change in scale.

A concrete and lasting guidance

A mentor is assigned to help entrepreneurs by being a reference person within the start-up studio as well as being a personalized guide.

Organizing development workshops and regular meetings between mentors and entrepreneurs is an excellent way to put the collective dynamic in favor of all.

Moreover, organizing thematic workshops addressing specific topics help guide the entrepreneurs with their refeections about projects (Objective Key Results, Design thinking, impact measuring…)

Within the start-up studio, we place pooled skills at the service of entrepreneurs: finance, communication, design, marketing, HR, etc.

Les entrepreneurs ont accès à un espace de coworking dans les locaux du Morning Balard, 27-33 rue du Colonel Avia 75015 Paris 

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